FAAM Physician Trains Residents to be Excellent Surgeons

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In June of 2014, Dr. Ronald Martin, a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon at Foot & Ankle Associates of Michigan, was recently recognized by the residents at Genesys Health System, as one of their top teaching docs.

Dr. Martin devotes many hours in the operating room, training current residents to be excellent surgeons in private practice.

The residency in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery carries a long history in Podiatric Education in the Greater Flint Area. There have now been more the 100 graduates of this program, which has been in existence since 1975.  The residency takes 2 residents per year, and residents spend three years training in the program before graduation.  Dr. Martin trains the residents at multiple hospitals and surgery centers in the Greater Flint area, including Genesys Health System Main Campus, Genesys Surgery Center, Hurley Medical Center and McLaren Hospital.

Dr. Martin also devotes his personal time to lecturing to the residents at his Flint office location, as well as devoting time teaching hands on surgical techniques at cadaveric dissection labs.  Dr. Martin is a favorite of the residents for these “cadaver labs,” as his skills are excellent and he is willing to share his knowledge with all his residents.

In his time in practice Dr. Martin has trained over 50 residents who are scattered all around the country, with excellent surgical skills from their previous tutelage under Dr. Martin’s keen surgical eye.

He was given the award for “High Octane,” primarily because his cases are the most challenging and technically demanding surgeries that the residents are exposed to.

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